Tot Onyx


Teetering precariously between discord and harmony, the prismatic distortion of Tot Onyx (Tommi from group A) and Nicky Mao of Hiro Kone’s new project Enxin/Onyx abandons all former distinctions for something mutable and unsettling.~

Haunted voices bubbling up amongst  shifting electronics, mercurial at times, confrontational at others. This constant interplay between elements of their individual practices give way to sonic experience that knows no bounds. They debuted their first track »DIN DIAN,« an unrelenting and at times humorous attack on expectation, for Berlin Atonal’s 2020 box set More Light.

Hiro Kone is the project of New York based musician and producer Nicky Mao. She uses a combination of hardware, synths, and modular to cultivate her sound - a visceral meditation on rhythm, noise, and melody that has seen her release on leading experimental labels including DAIS Records and BANK Records. No stranger to manipulating macabre disorientations into enchanting new shapes, her music exposes the unsettling and sublime. Taking a deconstructive approach she is known to draw upon a combination of modular synthesis, noise and field recordings. Her album Silvercoat the throng was described by Resident Advisor’s Dash Lewis, as »Beautiful and harrowing, falling apart and building anew.«

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